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The original Adjust A Wing LARGE ENFORCER Reflector

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Original Reflector Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer Large L Stuco (70x100cm) Original Reflector Adjust-a-Wings® Large specially designed to double the efficiency of traditional reflectors. Increase the cultivation area per lamp by 75%.

Increase the harvest per lamp by 50%. Reduce heat and save energy. Reflector in super bright crystallized granulated aluminum (80% reflection).

Very simple assembly (no tool required) Adjustable height cap, completely parallel to the reflector.

Curved anchors to hang the reflector.

This adjustable reflector allows growers to create ideal light conditions in all the phenological stages of the plant, increasing vitality, health, harvest and power. The opening of the wings can be adjusted to increase the surface area of the light and to bring the lamp closer to the plants, improving their performance. They can also be adjusted more closed and place the reflector proportionally farther from the plants to be cultivated, in order to provide light and heat in line with the needs of more sensitive plants.

The basic design principles of Adjust-a-Wing are logic and simplicity. They are constructed using a minimum of materials and moving parts. The wings form a succession of perfect shapes, creating a double parabola when mounted, bent and tensed. This mode of construction is similar to that of a tensioned arch. With this design, the reflector does not trap heat or hinder the movement of air in the growth enclosure or lamp.

Due to their high heat dissipation, they can be used very close to the plants, thus improving the amount of light without burning the foliage. The vertical sliding lampholder ensures total compatibility with any lamp on the market. Specifications of Original Reflector Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer Large L Stuco (70x100cm) BrandAdjust-a-Wings® Model: Enforcer Large (Stuko) Reflector in super bright crystallized granulated aluminum (80% reflection). Original cap included Curved anchors to hang the reflector Dimensions: 70x100cm

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