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Root Rot X

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Alien Hydroponics Root Rot X

  • Elimintaes Pythium
  • Breaks Down Biofilm
  • Inhibits Biofilm Regneration
  • Roots Stay Healthy And White
  • Disolves Nutrient Build Up
  • pH Neutral

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Alien Hydroponics Root Rot X

  • Elimintaes Pythium
  • Breaks Down Biofilm
  • Inhibits Biofilm Regneration
  • Roots Stay Healthy And White
  • Disolves Nutrient Build Up
  • pH Neutral

What is Root Rot?

Root rot is a disease that attacks the roots of plants that are growing in a wet environment. The cause of root rot is via fungal infection. Species of the Pythium or Fusarium fungi are the usual cause of root rot, and symptoms include discolouration of the roots and rotting at the lower part of the stem, called “damping off.”

How to prevent and control root rot

Sterilise your grow system, tank and plant roots (every 7-10 days is best) and perform simultaneously with your routine grow room clean. The most effective way to do this is by using a sterilising solution that you can mix into freshwater, like RootRotX™.

Disinfect grow room surfaces and grow tent walls with RootRotX™ regularly, as well as your pots and tools, before reusing them.

If you are growing in soil, ensure that your roots are not water-logged, leading to low oxygen levels at the root zone. Using an air stone in your water tank ensures that your water remains super-oxygenated.

Suggested Treatment Plan for Root Rot

  1. Inspect your plants’ roots to see whether they can be trimmed before cleaning. Remove any brown and trailing roots, which look as though they have already begun to break down.
  2. Drain down the system, emptying the contents of your water tank and replace with clean fresh RO or tap water.
  3. Add 2ml of RootRotX™ to 1 litre of water to create a root rot treatment solution for your plants’ roots. So if you have a 120L tank, you will need to add 240ml of RootRotX to your water.
  4. Run RootRotX™ sterilising solution through your system for 4-12 hours in your set dark period, and in the absence of nutrients will be the most effective way of treating your plants for root rot.

Note: To get the best cleaning results possible we suggest running RootRotX™ in the dark period when your plants are inactive, so that you do not hinder your plants’ growth.

We suggest running RootRotX™ in the absence of nutrients whilst you are performing your cleaning cycle. The reason is that nitrogen in organic fertilisers can render RootRotX™ inactive.

When to use RootRotX

It is impractical to clean inside of pots whilst plants are growing, but when you are using RootRotX, you can clean the inside of the pots, pipes and feedlines, easily. The best way to perform a grow system clean is by using a sterilising solution, like RootRotX™.

RootRotX™ is manufactured to a specific formula and removes the biofilm accumulating on your plants’ roots. You only need a small amount of the solution to clean your tank – just 1ml of RootRotX™ diluted in 1L of clean water.

When root rot has already set in, dilute 2ml of RootRotX in one litre of water, to create your root rot treatment solution. Mix the solution in your system and tank before distributing through your system.

When you are transplanting your cuttings from one area to another, you can give them a head start by diluting 15ml of RootRotX™ in one litre of water. Dip your plant cuttings in the dilute RootRotX solution for a total of 20 seconds.  For rooted cuttings, add slightly less at 3-5ml of RootRotX™ per litre of water.

During the flushing stage, add 3-4ml of water for the last 3-5 days of flowering.

What is RootRotX™

RootRotX™ is manufactured using 100% hypochlorous acid and contains zero bleach, making it entirely safe for use in your hydroponic system.

For more information on RootRotX™, please visit the ALIEN Hydroponics website:


ROOT ROT X™ is suitable for all hydroponic applications including – RDWC, DWC, Flood & Drain, Drip Feed, NFT & Rockwool.

ROOT ROT X™ is 99.9999% effective against all stages of bacterial colonisation on roots, equipment, and even waterlines.

ROOT ROT X™ is a versatile and fast acting root steriliser. Proven to work on the widest spectrum of pathogens, including Pythium. FREE from chemicals like aldehyde, alcohol, bleach and QACs, ROOT ROT X™ quickly kills bacteria and removes established biofilm in a single treatment.

The active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) is an effective biocide with incredible bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal properties.

Hypochlorous acid is relatively easy to manufacture in an unstable format. However, thanks to ground-breaking technology,
Root Rot X™ is manufactured completely stable and remains stable once opened.

Directions For Use

Weekly Treatment in Hydroponic systems:
Add 1ml per litre of water every 7 days for water temperatures at 20° or below. Add 1.5ml per litre of water every 7 days for water temperatures above 20°.

Final Nutrient Flush:
Add 3-4ml per litre of water for the last 3-5 days of flowering cycle.

Cloning / Propagation:
Add 15ml per litre of water. Completely immerse cuttings for 20 seconds, cloning gels or rooting powders can then be applied. For rooted clones, add 3-5ml per litre of water.

Hydroponic System/Reservoir Cleaning:
Add 20ml per litre of water. Run water pumps for 1-24 hours then drain the system/reservoir.

Grow room sterilisation:
Use undiluted. Spray or fog walls, floors and non-electrical equipment.

Root Rot X™ should be used with mineral based nutrients and additives and should not be used with organic products.

Stabilised Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) 0.15 ml/L

Electrolyzed, Deionised Water

Produced in the UK

The successful processes for manufacturing the biocide keep it stable once the bottle is opened, without compromising its effectiveness. Unlike conventional ECA hypochlorous acid, ROOT ROT X™ is genuinely stable and has a shelf-life of 12 months even after opening.

These stability data have been validated by the EU biocides regulators’ Rapporteur Member State (RMS) and the ECHA biocidal products committee as part of the approval process.

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