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Maxibright T5 4ft Florescent (4 Tube)

SKU: prod-mbt54

Price: £135.00

Maxibright T5 4ft Florescent (4 Tube)

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Maxibright T5 4ft Florescent (4 Tube)

Product description

The Maxibright T5 is a high-quality propagation unit especially designed for T5 high output fluorescent tubes. Each tube delivers 4450 lumens of light with a very low heat output meaning the tubes can be placed very close to the plants to deliver massive amounts of light compared to HID lighting. Tubes are available in red 2700K and blue 6500K to suit each stage of plant growth. All T5 units come complete with blue 6500K fluorescent tubes or alternatively you can purchase red 2700K tubes separately

These light units are designed for small plants and cuttings. Very little heat is emitted and so the unit can be placed very close to plant-top height without fear of scorching. These units also have low power consumption in relation to traditional HID lighting systems. Choice of EnviroGrow or Maxibright. • 4ft x 4 Lamp unit 216w

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