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Adjust a wings 1000 ~ 1100w hellion illumination kit

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Increase PAR output with a 1000W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION Defender Lighting System.

It’ll sit as low as 60cm from your canopy without burning plants. With this low hanging height, you lose less light to walls -instead, you get high PAR, uniform coverage without causing heat stress.

Adjust-A-Wings Defender Reflector (Large -100cm x 70cm)
Remote or connected ballast (parts included for both)
High PAR Output – PPF = 2100μmol (at 1000W), 2350μmol (at 1100W)
Long PAR maintenance – extended 16,000hr lamp life
Super-spreader included (no hot spots)

You can run your lamps at 600W/ 750W / 830W / 1000W / 1100W thanks to the dimmable digital ballast.

To trigger growth, recreate spring, summer & autumn with your reflector. There are 3 x wing positions and 5 x lamp heights so you can mimic seasonal light & heat fluctuations.

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